are you sure that you are a GOOD FRIEND for your GOOD FRIEND?


learn to be a good friend

I’ve got a lot of stories about how to establish good relations with a friend, sometimes there’s a story that I heard that a friend can kill more than a murderer.
I took a lesson today is to address a behavior of a friend I can even tell a friend will be thebest partner in business. I saw how many of the contradictions of a friendship. some saythat a life-long friendships will entwined .. # think (is it true?)

I always used the method of thinking by means of a feeling, a friend or it can be said to be a friend when the friend may understand your situation. but sometimes there’s a friendwho could not understand your situation.

The lesson that I took in choosing a friendship I never be too deep, because I thinkfriendships can undermine a principle.

Making friends is something we often do. Consciously or not, making friends was really fun. Anyone who would not deny it. When we begin to recognize individuals who are new,with a diversity of nature, behavior and even thought patterns that sometimes creates disaat the debate we’re friends. It would greatly be a pleasant thing if in the underlying withSincerity.

Are you sure that you have already become a good friend for your friend?

to my best friend is a friend, and best friend is a friend know when he or we need it.

:: take a long time to build a friendship, but it only takes a short time to destroy it ::

this is the lesson how to be a good friend

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2 thoughts on “are you sure that you are a GOOD FRIEND for your GOOD FRIEND?

  1. it always tried to be a good friend and always continue to learn to appreciate and respect is the key to friendship

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