Making Up New Character



Ever seen a koala animal?
Or at least, know the name of the koala.
The koala is a typical animal of Australia.
He was there because of its fame is funny and packed. Dark brown color and his face really so naive.

The koala is a lazy character. According to research (and also according to the source of one of my friends), the koala is one of the most lazy animals in the world.
It is said that he slept 22 hours a day!

yes … But in a single day there are only 24 hours, which in other words, it is only 2 hours the koala up and about.

He lives in the trunk of a tree. If you want to eat anything he’s too lazy to move and just want to move over to pick up food that was available just around him. Moves at most she did was when she was having sex.

That’s probably why the koala then gets the title as a lazy animal.

Yes, that’s how his character could change again … Where?

But what’s the story that the character of a man?

What was changed?

In the past one month I got a lot of the same phrase over time continuously, “Yes it was really his character. Which can be changed again, Liz “

I really wrinkled forehead so yes.

Yes what human beings can be lumped together as a koala, the postscript into the animal species, and cannot be changed?

My forehead wrinkled added now I think …

I believe nothing is impossible for a human being.

What is needed once again just a pile, bundle, lump of conviction and the will. And I’m sure everyone must have heard the phrase before in various conversations, in a variety of articles, in various ways.

The problem now is how much faith and our willingness to change??
If the conviction and the will that is large enough, it seems nothing is impossible.

I do not believe the sentence was, ‘Yes I have character. Which can be changed again ‘.I thinks it is a very superficial reason.

Character grumpy, lazy character, character builders “ngaret”, defensive character, the character of a liar, a braggart character, the character of selfish, compulsive character, timid character, depressive character, manipulative characters and thousands of other characters CAN ALL CHANGED.

I’d bet all my property to my sentence is: all the characters CAN CHANGE.

The question, would not the man that changed?
If you are willing to change, the next question (and the most important) he would not fight for change??

Change is not easy and can be accomplished in one night.
I also never said it would be an easy thing to achieve as well as fast and direct people eat spicy chili.

Changes that may need to be done with great effort persistent little by little, step by step, of the same capacity for the same capacity.

(I realize this is from personal experience).

Imagine how many tens of years may have precipitated the character and flow smoothly within.
Also imagine how many decades we have been accustomed to run these characters.

As if for example the koala which has also been handed down from ancestors it is. It’s impossible to change the koala.

But again, what yes we are aligned with the koala?
How’s it going with the attribute ‘humanity’ inherent in humans such as the brain, intelligence, intention and free will?

What are all of no use to produce a better state?

Many people say they want change and will change.
But not many people are really struggling to realize the change.

Each person also must have got a reprimand, a slap, and even insults.
But not many people can learn from a reprimand, a slap, and lashing it and make it as a wake up call.

Perhaps there had been research or experiments that want to make the koala is more active, more agile and more mobile (he3x know … maybe. Who knew it had no research or experiment).

But success does not seem because it is the koala’s koalas.

And what about us?

Are we still the same we “dablek” with the koala?
Or we can still use the attribute ‘humanitarian’ us to fight and turn produce a better state?
I believe we can.
I personally hope the Above continues to guide me (and us) to use the attribute ‘humanity’ are wisely.


Negative thinking will get us nowhere, except to make sense of added anxiety and result in our disappointing performance. If not soon be overcome, negative thoughts can be bad for the soul and our life and world of work. Here there are interesting article:

A. Live in the present

Thinking about the past or the future is a thing that often makes us anxious. Rarely do we panic because of what happened today. If you find your mind stuck in what has happened or what has not happened, remember that only the present that we can control.

2. Focus on the positive things
When we are being so negative, we often forget what we have and focus more on what we do not have. Keep a gratitude journal. No matter the time, each day write down five of six positive things that happened that day. Positive things that could be big things or just little things like ‘sunny day’ or ‘eat this evening amazing’. As long as you stay consistent doing this, it is able to change your negative thinking into a positive thought. And when you start feeling negative, read back the journal.

3. Say positive things to yourself
Tell yourself that you’re strong, you can afford. Say it over and over, anytime. Especially, start the day by saying something positive about yourself and the day, no matter if the day you have to take difficult decisions or you will not believe what you say to yourself.

4. Believing in the power of positive thinking
If you think positive, positive things will come and the difficulties will feel lighter. Conversely, if you think negatively, negative things will happen to you. This is a universal law, like laws of gravity or energy exchange. It will not be easy to change your mind set, but the effort is comparable to the results that you can pick.

5. Get over it
Search what makes you think negatively, fix, and re-developed. If it cannot be repaired anymore, stop complaining and regret that it will only spend time and energy, also make you feel worse. Accept what has happened, lessons learned / lessons from this, and again advanced.

6. Face your fear
Negative feelings come from fear, the more afraid you will live, the more negative thoughts about yourself. If you are afraid of something, do something about it. Fear is a part of life but we have the option to not let fear stop us.

7. Change the perspective
When something does not go well, find a way to look at it from a more positive perspective. In every challenge there is profit, there is a challenge in any profits.

8. Move
Exercise releases endorphins that can make you a better feeling. Is it just a walk around block or run ten kilometers, physical activity will make ourselves feel better. When you feel down, fifteen minutes of sports activity can make you feel better.

9. Try new things
Trying new things can also boost your confidence. By saying yes to your life open up more opportunities for growth. Stay away from the thought ‘yes, but …’. New experiences, small or large, making life seem more pleasant and useful.


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