The Power OF Smile (power of mind II)



A smile is an act which we do almost every day without realizing it. Attractive lips laterally left and right to form a curved line that we give something to others. A smile can also unwittingly provide efficacious effect for us and others. With a smile we can make other people become closer, more intimate, face different if we throw a sour, and sullen, of people who see it will not feel comfortable, lazy, indifferent.

When we do something of the work we do with sincerity and a sense of pleasure, surely it will obviously work can result especially pleasing recipes plus a smile, wow,,, imagine happiness we do the work. To the extent that a band just created a song titled “Deal With a Smile”. the song definitely gives inspiration to us always smiling face any problem.

A smile makes us more loved, more cared for, and an expression of affection. A smile is Worship. A smile is happiness.

Every job, or we’re doing our game try to smile, surely we will eventually get a win on the contrary when starting with a scowl we are ready to accept defeat because we are not willing to do it.

A smile can overcome the despair and sadness, a sense of stress that often bind us if there is a problem. Can be found in our daily miracle of the smile, for example, if we’re road campus, we bumped into another student that we do not know and we throw a smile a smile as a result we would have shortchanged, and without realizing that students can know at a glance our personality is friendly and wants be our friend. But if we do not pout maybe we can smile instead ignoring replies.

If we get a smile surely this heart will feel calm and happy, especially for people who are looking for soulmate. Proven smile can bring together two beings who are in love.

If we are alone and lonely trying to smile will definitely feel peace in my heart but if you do not want to because of alleged bizarre own smile, smile in my heart. A smile can control our moods, especially when we have trials or adversity that makes us sad, and desperate, try smiling guess it will be reduced by itself, but not a forced smile. After all, nothing to lose us smile.

A smile makes you look successful. People who smile look more confident, well-knownand reliable. Attach a smile at meetings or meet with clients. Sure your colleagues willsee you better.

A smile makes people think positive. Try to do this: think about bad things with a smile,definitely hard. Cause, when you smile, the body sends a signal “life is good”. So thatwhen she smiled, accepted the body as a gift.

Have you smile today? If not, then we smiled. Then try to notice what you just feel. It turned out that smile is very beneficial for our body, even a lot of research reveals. Thatperson’s illness can be reduced with a smile therapy. But of course with a smile of goodrules. Tank that is 2 cm above the right lip, left lip tank also 2cm upwards and hold for 8seconds. Or more of us are familiar with the formula “2-2-83.

If you see someone without a smile, give them a little smile that you have. “Hopefully,people smile, because when someone is smiling no matter how the person is nothappy, then it will issue a number of brain chemicals that not only boosts the immune system, but it also makes sense to be calm, peaceful, comfortable and happy or provide power for lifting people’s psychological condition. even more impressive, some research says that even if only instructed to print the first smiling face, someone will have the same psychological benefits to people genuine smile.

A smile has a lot of fantastic miracles, according to research to make us smile Attractive, more successful, tend to think positive, and keep the mood ..

soo .. Keep smile always ..


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