Smile Learning..(power of mind I)

When you wake up in the morning, sometimes we feel refreshed and happy, but often times we feel gloomy because of the problems piling up again soon crossed the mind.Well this is the first of all need to be changed. Enabling mind will not be effective if when you wake up to your mind has been at sabotage by the problem your problem. Changing habits you have done for many years is not easy, but also not impossible.

The trick is simple, it only needs the realization that from now on you can control your mind. You are no longer controlled by your thoughts. Mastering the mind and the mind is controlled by two very different things. Concrete example is a time when the motorcycle or your car or motor car dipepet by others. Your immediate reaction is hurt, angry and venting rage that resulted in fights or save these angry. The result, you make your day’s activities disrupted. This is an example where you controlled by your thoughts. Without realizing it you have spent enormous energy and the result is detrimental to your own

If you can select the reaction you are doing, that you chose to not be hurt, not angry and do not vent your anger, then you can master your mind. It’s not a matter of innate character of the person or persons, this problem yourself skills to be able to choose the reaction in an event. Mistaken to say that “inherently ill-tempered person”. The truth is “low-skill person to choose his own reactions” By having the skills to be able to choose a reaction to an event, you’ve got an advantage over most people. One advantage of the real, you’ll be the one that is not easily hurt.

“No one can hurt you without your permission”. Back on when you wake up in the morning, starting tomorrow, first remove all kinds of problems you face. The first thing you should do when you wake up in the morning is to move your lips form a smile. A forced smile? For starters, yes. At least start with a forced smile, without any reason. Pull up the muscles of your lips form a smile. Try to do it now …, well like that, you have to smile. Congratulations.You smile in the morning because you want to smile. If you need a reason,

You smile because you are thankful to the Creator is still given the opportunity to keep health and be able to enjoy the good life on the morning itu.Kemudian, when you start to smile, barengilah with gratitude and happiness within yourself. Why, I was a lot of problems. How can I be happy? You said in the liver. Yes, and this is one of the key activation power of the mind.

From this moment you can choose and learn to master your mind, not mastered by your mind that in the trigger by external factors. Because by mastering your mind, you’ll be happy, happy, excited, whenever you want, regardless of the problems you are facing.This is very important, because only by being happy, happy or excited, you will radiate good energy that will be captured by a large coil of good energy in the universe, which will be returned as either a larger energy to help you through the day today.

Instead, the mind always dwell on the problems, thoughts only cause anger, despair, laziness, envy, hatred, resentment, feelings of inadequacy, lack confidence, feels bound to fail and the like, will create bad energy you send out into the natural this universe, in which the universe will find bad energy equivalent and will return to you in the form of a larger problem.

So forth a vicious cycle of bad energy emitted is not going to stop if we do not want to stop it. Now, how do I smile and feel happy or pleased? Smiling for no reason is the most easy, you just need to instruct your lip muscles move upwards. But what about being happy or pleased? The easiest way is to give reasons in your own mind.

The reason that you provided on your mind will synergize with your dibibir smile and will induce a feeling of happiness in the hearts Anda.Dengan feelings of happiness at heart, you have to create and send good energy into your microcosm of the universe. The reason this must be true, should not be made. Find excuse yourself that makes you grateful or happy, no matter how small that reason.

Suppose you happy because you already have a place to stay although rented, or already have the motor while still credit, or still even though little or no savings can still browse the internet, or already have a boyfriend, or a true friend, or have children and a husband / wifewell, or you live alone, but always healthy and certainly many more.

Note that you must focus your mind on the “homeless” is not “is still a contract”, in “a motor” instead of “still credit”, the “no savings” instead of “saving a little”, on “I’m healthy” rather than “how later if sick “and so on. Sure, you can search more than one reason that is in you that makes you happy. There is one study that states that if a person can still browse the internet, as you often do, mean the person is not included in 80% of world population whose lives are far more difficult.

Congratulations to you. Be thankful you now. Well, after you smile, feel happy and feel grateful when you wake up, do your morning routine. After showering in the morning, and prepared to set out on your activities, see yourself in the mirror and say dalamhati with confidence:

1. “Today I feel happy and excited” (feel happy in your heart)

2. “I got a job at the company …” or “I work in a project …” or “I have my own business in the field …”, say the specific name of the company and position you want, or line of business entrepreneurs You want to wake up, or name of project / work you are doing. The key is you say with confidence, with all your feelings. Syukurilah your current circumstances. What if I’m facing now in a big problem? All problems must be a solution. If there is no solution, that’s not a problem, but the fact that we must live.

The important thing to do is focus your mind on solutions and good results for such solutions, while keeping the spirit of doing business to make it happen. If your mind is always focused on the problem or bad consequences of the problem, then the problem will not go away from you instead tend to be large. Lots of people are worse off than you.

Now feel happy in yourself. The more you can really feel happy when he said “I feel happy”, the better you turn on the power of your mind. When you say “I get a job at the company …” or “I work in a project …” or “I succeeded in trying to say …”, as though you’ve been in these successful and feel the joy of success.

Do not use the word “will”. Make this as your morning routine every day. The key is to change your mind that was a lot of bad energy radiated into the mind that makes the happy feeling that radiate good energy to get the benefits of energy in the macrocosm of the universe. What you send out that’s what you’ll get. After that, start your day with new confidence and new feelings resulting from your mind the mulaidiaktifkan.

Of course you also have to make a new effort to achieve business results, whether in search of work, achievement in employment or success in entrepreneurship. Remember, success takes the process, and make successful sebagaisebuah journey, not a destination. Travel from one success to another success, no matter how small that success, and the journey from feeling happy to feeling happy one another.

Make careful plans before acting. Many good books that you can learn in an attempt to find a job or specifically enhance the technical knowledge in the field that you like so you bias perform better or more successful in the business entrepreneur Anda.Yang important, as much as possible direct your mind to always generate a good feeling to emit a lot of good energy.

When you redirect your mind back to feeling lazy, despair, anger, resentment, fear, envy, lack of confidence and others, do not be resisted. Get to know the bad feelings but should not be allowed. Be aware when your mind starts to re-emit this bad energy and gently instruct your mind to turn towards the good. One effective way to change bad thoughts is to make any bad thoughts that appear as black-and-white images are small, as small as a matchbook.

Create an image is much smaller and eventually disappear from your mind. Furthermore, in your mind, replace it with color film images of very beautiful wide screen that contains the good things in yourself that you deserve to feel grateful and happy.

Now you have to have a “science” that is extraordinary. By doing a smile, grateful and happy for what you have or you are tired now, you have to send good energy into the universe, in which the universe will respond with the macrocosm of good energy in the form of goodness that you will experience. Besides in the morning, you can make a smile, thankful and happy it anywhere, anytime, for example, when you wait for the vehicle, on long trips, waiting for someone, and others. It just does not need too much, then people look at you quizzically


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