kebutuhan vs kepentingan (english version)



Each person has an interest or things to be done, but not everyone has priorities include me.

Everyone has benefits and drawbacks of each. That is why we will always need each other. Our shortage is covered by the excess of others, and conversely what are the advantages of us can be used to help others. This harmonious cooperation in which each party aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each and choose together, not walking alone.

It is not easy to get used to thinking Win-Win. It requires an attitude of empathy toward the situation of others. Think Win-Win will keep you out of the way just want to act selfish personal interests take precedence.

Every human being has an interest. I have an interest, you also have. The same is true of everyone else. Interact and take action, think about the interests of both sides.If you can do it, then the decisions or actions taken will be honored by both. Both parties will commit to running it in earnest because of its interests taken into consideration.

Often we do not consciously want to win themselves. We want to do something profitable ourselves but harm others. Or if not to harm others, we think only of our interests and not care whether the things that concern other people being considered or not. The action here is called the Win-Lose. One side wins but the other must lose.

A wise man said, we have two ears and one mouth to listen more than talk. Listening skills, or “listening” to be important for everyone, especially if you are a leader.Listening to the real is that we pay attention to what the other person, trying to understand it, and try to see from his perspective. Thus we come to understand why people tend to do things a certain way, or why he chose to do something and leave the others.

Second is the need. People who have a need for something definitely try to meet these needs with a variety of activities. For example, people who need a science …he would fill his time by reading, the training, participating tutoring, discussion.People who need the money, he will do business, trade something, create a product.Sometimes when an urgent need to end the conflict and the emergence of the interest will be the main road to accommodate the worst ways to meet those needs.

An analogy is, when we play and try to meet before then we will see an opportunity and a desire to achieve something and I think these achievements will be measured by us to achieve it. Minutes of an achievement would be reflected in our respective jobs, talk halal or not is certainly not an obstacle to them achieving well.






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