smoker is not against any law..(but its against health law)


i wrote this does not mean I want to defend smokers, but as for the purpose that I wantonly to make a statement which states that smokers are not always the enemy for you, there are some people who feel their lives disrupted because of smokers and I am aware that smoking was part of the minority now, and also included in themajority.

Smokers were also not a group of farmers who perch slopes sidelines due to cold airfor warmth ….., because among them there is a board member who is so delicious”klepas – klepus” air-conditioned meeting room.
Smokers were not the ones who have no religion …., because they are members ofour study that supposedly jam’iah most submissive and obedient to the chaplain, but strangely they were ignored when the MUI issued a fatwa.

So who the smokers were ….?
They are mushrooming in this country, evenly in all walks of life … evenly in all ages ….in all layers of education …. in all layers of the profession …. layers in all …., ethnicitythey are our own people …. they are brothers – brothers of our own …. they are not our enemies.

I am not a heavy smoker, but in my habits quite understand where I need to smoke and where I thirst should not smoke ..

As long as there is any ban on smoking, the smokers always argue that smoking ishuman rights. Though smoking is not rights but only needs one alone.

“Human rights are something that if not met can be life-threatening, but if you smoke, if not met will not be life-threatening. So smoking is not a human right,” said Dr. HakimSorimuda Pohan, SpOG discussion in the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI)

FYI, Researchers have new insight into the relationship between Parkinson’s disease and smoking. Several studies have shown that smokers have a lower risk of Parkinson’sdisease. A new study diterbitkanNeurology online edition (online) March 10, 2010,showed that smoking for several years can reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease.But, spend a lot of cigarettes per day may not reduce this risk.

“The results could guide the development of studies on various components oftobacco with an animal model to help understand the relationship between smokingand Parkinson’s disease,” said the authors of this study, Honglei Chen, from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, California, United States.”However, given the smoke more harmful, no one would recommend smoking to prevent Parkinson’s disease.”

if you are a non smoker i hope you are understand the smoker not against any law, we were just trying to make another life story to make a resting mind..

so dont judge me as your enemy..

#curahan hati smoker#


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