life is like a roller coaster..


“Que Sera Sera, whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see. Que sera sera, what will be, will be”..(a song)

So, where I stand now, that is where I have to believe that God already has a beautifulplan for me. The important thing I’ve tried my best, pray I can. Affairs later what willhappen, yes it was already past affairs. Looking back now I think about the manypossibilities that will happen later, it was the same now I’ve ruined my happiness for the sake of just worrying about what will happen to me tomorrow. After all, God hasincised gold ink, will it matter black or white, I was the one who changed with the effortand prayer.

The future is not something we have to fear. Believe! our steps now are for our goldfutures. Ups and downs we are now is a beautiful future for tomorrow. Do not confuseyour happiness today with concerns about the future. Your question about the future will be answered later, no need to mess around right now. Is not there a saying: live your life now like no tomorrow for you.

the things you should remember:

“Do not ever ask what companies have given you, but ask what you’ve given to the company ..
the question is whether enough? the answer is not because you are you and trymemebrikan the best and remember the consequences when you’re sitting in the backseat and feel comfortable then aDNA not be the best person is, but if you do not feelcomfortable then you will make every effort to be comfortable and provide the best ..!!!”

life is like riding a roller-coaster ride: fun but can make us above or below in an instant,and even distort or stop us in the middle of the road.
each person can choose a roller-coaster ride that he wanted. nothing is the same.there is a fast paced, some slow, some are dynamic, some static. please choose..




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