think management..


“Even though you’re not a genius, you can use the same strategies as Aristotle and Einstein to harness your creative mind and manage your future better.”
Thinking smart is the use of reason in order to quickly understand the problems being faced and able to provide a solution quickly and accurately. Think smart, critical and scientific way of thinking by using logical principles, carefully, quickly and precisely toexamine a statement or permasahan, as well as provide a quick solution andtepat.Proses think is a regular reflection and caution. The process of thinking was bornfrom a sense of doubt (or conviction) against something and the desire to obtain a provision,
which later grew into a peculiar problem. This problem requires a solution and for the investigation of the available data with appropriate methods. Thinking contains two important elements of logical elements and analytic elements.
Whenever we try something and fail, we end up doing something else. This is the first principle of creative accident. Failure can be productive only if we do not focus on one thing as an unproductive result. Instead, analyze the process, the component-component and how you can change it to obtain another result. Do not ask, Why have I failed? but?What have I done?
One thing to note for someone who is undergoing the process to success is to prepare himself for success, both in attitude and in the mental to anticipate the success or failure is very possible in the process we went through
The thought of the risks of failure will probably be the shadow of every step, but we shouldmake the mind will risk failing as a teacher who is always watching our way to success, so we are always careful in moving and can create a strategy to avoid the risk of failure.

If we want to become a director of the think like the director who has a great spirit andgreat wisdom; if we still retain our old thoughts about our weak and nobody then we will really not going to be okay.

so think smart and don’t think hard…

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