sleep tight..


It took me days to think
Then it took me minutes even to type
Feel odd to write again
and why???
the mood always come when that day will come

Prefer to close my eyes,
plug my ears, shut my mouth and lock my heart
Keep the good mood and
block the heavy thought away
Have own solitude, just a peace of mind

Wish it could be real
not a scenario nor pretending
because we are the mind-master
no others

Slapped back at you!
Contradiction between mind and heart are screaming out
Hard to make it get along together
when it is not a true good time happening all together
For we are just the slaves of the bad mood
or down feeling

Lets call it a day
We had enough
It is just another bad day
Just go to bed
Have some sleep
Tomorrow is a better day…
yeah hope so!

G’nite all


just got some sleep at 3:44 AM


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