last man stand..

If you people who believe in other people, you will see others as people who can be trusted.

If you are one who likes to criticize, you will see others as a threat because you like the same thing that is critical.

If you are a man full of love, you will see others as a loving person and deserves to be loved.

Your personality radiates when you speak about others and interact with them.Someone who does not know you’ll be able to know you pretty much just from a simple observation, simply because of your behavior.

I believe in it and I am sure of it that I’m not sure is if the person who we believe will assume that you are someone who will intimidate your life, it probably will happen in real ..

Life sometimes is not as hard as we think and not as easy as we imagine. Hard – hard life will not exceed the limit of patience, and as easy-easy life would not be as easy as rotating the ship from the bow. life is very tiring if we mengaggap life as a problem, but life will be wonderful and happy if we regard it as a gift.

In life, we like – will be intercepted by failure and disappointment. However, the failure will lead us into a victory and happiness, and failure over time will blend with the internal organs themselves and turn into the mind to anticipate the same events reoccur.

Failure will be recorded and meditated experience in itself. And from this experience we can turn a failure with success and transform disappointment into happiness. No wonder when people say “Experience is the teacher who is very precious”, that way it appears.Because of pengalamanlah we can become more mature and become a knight that is far from hopeless.

Then for where we are desperate to prevent the failure?. Failure is a precursor to despair, if we did not find a hope. Desperate is the loss of hope and desire to achieve a goal. then because of harapanlah lahirkanlah hope we can rise from adversity and disappointment. However, expectations do not merely hope, because if you just wish there would be only daydream in despair. So make a wish and hope it .. Make it happen
on behalf of the failures I faced it certainly is the most valuable way for me, but I decided not to quit .. I am still in a clear pattern to achieve success despite having to go through a street full of injuries ..

only to the GOD I hope to be able to stand upright even though I suffered a disappointment ..


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